Intro Dive, try dive & Refresher


Try dive

Start to dive!

Could diving be something for you?

Discover this yourself during your first underwater experience in our heated dive pool (32°C).

Book your try dive at Time To Dive and experience your first underwater dive alongside a professional!

After some explanation regarding the use of equipment, communication, etc., we'll take you in to the water for the real stuff.

Take all the time you need to get used to breathing under water. Once you feel at ease, we'll do some underwater games, followed by some practical skills, providing an idea of how a diving course is organised.


The use of all dive equipment and professional instructions is included in the price.


A try dive costs 95 € per person, and offers the opportunity to enjoy a complete new experience during 3 hours. 

On top of that Time To Dive offers you an “After-Dive” with bubbles and a snack in our jacuzzi!

GROUP TRY DIVE (as of 3 people):

A try dive costs 75 € per person, and offers the opportunity to enjoy a complete new experience during 3 hours (max 6 pers)

The Try dive is available for kids as of the age of 6 !

Try deeper diving

Try "deeper" diving!

You like diving and you want more?

That's possible!

Plan your dive in a dive basin up to 10m with a water temperature of 23°C. 

This is a private dive course under the professional supervision of a dive instructor, with extra equipment including a warm wetsuit, dive computer and video camera to film your first underwater footage.

Be surprised by the colourful subtropical freshwater fish!

Do you recognize the piranhas?

The instructor will take all the time you need to get used to be under water. Together you will discover everything in this new environment!

Included in the price:

entry during 2 hours, private supervision in the water, dive equipment, underwater movie from the dive!

This dive is also available for kids starting from the age of 10 !

€ 95, - / person

Do you want to become a certified diver?

Refresher course

Need to refresh your skills?

When was your last dive? More than 6 months ago?

Did you ever learn to dive but you don't remember the details anymore?

It is time to do the refresher course before you start diving again.

Together we check the most important theoretical items and in our private pool we will focus on the basic underwater skills a diver should possess.

Now you are prepared again for diving!

You'll take this private course under supervision of a professional dive instructor.

This course takes about 3 hours, which will be planned according to your personal availability and agenda.

Use of all required material is included in the cost.

€ 95, - / person

Possibility is offered to take the refresher course at TODI

(indoor dive bassin up to 10m)

Please let us know upon booking, as an extra cost of 40 euro applies!