Professional dive courses


Take a first step towards your professional dive career.

Your professional dive adventure starts with the dive master training. While you enlarge your knowledge and fine-tune all the underwater skills, you will become a real professional diver.

During the dive master training, you will have to develop managing skills in order to be qualified to supervise dive trips and assist the instructor while teaching.

During your dive master training you will be submerged in all relevant theoretical knowledge and you will learn the principles of teaching. At the end of the training you have to be able to perform all basic water skills.

You will train your organisational skills and will be able to help others to become better divers. You will practice this knowlede in a guided traineeship or series of practical skills.

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Dive Master course

Private training during week and saturdays (10-23u)

10 theory sessions

5 micro teachings (learn how to teach)

4 sessions physical control and technical water skills

Training of open water skills (22) on demonstration level

5 try dives under guidance of your instructor

4 indoor deep dive days to learn how to assist during deepwater skills of the open water courses

4 boatdive days to learn the organisation and logistics of boatdiving, navigation, guidance of licensed divers and students

During your dive master day, you are the one organising a few dives for licensed divers (shore / boat / night dive)

Dive Master exam

DAN certificate BLS and O2 required (maximum 2years)  (cfr Rescue Course)


Are you looking for something special?

Live your dream? Introduce students to the underwater world?

You are in constant interaction with your students. You will meet other professional divers and you will be able to check out which professional challenges exist in the business of diving.

You will be able to continue your pro training by following the specialty instructor courses. After this course you are allowed to teach certain specialty courses yourself.

Organisation and dedication are required to take this type of course. You will have to prepare some tasks and courses.

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Dive Instructor course

Private training on week- and saturdays (10-23u)

Prep exam for dive instructor (100 questions from the Dive Master course)

3 theory sessions "Standards & Policies"


1 session principles of teaching

1 session "business of diving"

Online training of standards & policies with video & exam

5 micro teachings (learn how to teach)

Training of open water skills (22) and skin diving skills on demonstration level  for instructor.

6 indoor deep dive days to train deep water skills for open water and advanced courses.

6 days of boat diving (July - August) for training in guidance of open water and advanced open water students (preparation, logistics, briefing, performance, debriefing)

You will assist in a complete advanced open water course.


You will learn how to guide other dive professionals.

Being an expierenced instructor, you want to share your knowledge and experience with upcoming dive leaders. If you like diving you never stop following courses.

In this Instructor development course (IDC) staff instructor you will help in training the next generation instructors while you enlarge your own knowledge in teaching and working with other dive professionals. During this period you will prepare your way to the training of Course Director upon presenting subjects in your IDC. You will assist in the training of Dive Masters, Assistant instructors and Open water scuba instructors

Many resorts / dive centers worldwide are looking for managers with this kind of training.

You wil become a master in the theory of diving on instructor level and in presentations. You will join the next IDC as a colleague instead of being a student.

This is a very specific course, please send us an email and we will provide all information.


Course Directors are instructor trainers who teach Instructor Development courses and other courses on instructor level.

Course Directors have the highest and most prestigious license in the dive sport world. They are a part of the experts with the most influence in the dive world.

If you want to become course director you will need to pass a very strict selection process, which examines experience and past trainings. Only then one can take part in the demanding and intensive Course director Training.

This is a very specific course, please send us an email and we will provide all information.                                                                  TIME TO DIVE Hasselt / Leuven / Halen