Winter opening hours from the 1st of November:


Leuven closed on Wednesday

Hasselt closed on Thursday


Saturday February 10, Hasselt is closed from 15u15







Monday 10h - 19h


Tuesday closed


Wednesday 10h - 19h


Thursday closed


Friday 10h - 19h


Saturday 10h - 18h


Sunday closed




Monday closed


Tuesday 10h - 19h


Wednesday closed


Thursday 10h - 19h


Friday 14h - 19h


Saturday 10h - 18h


Sunday closed

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Time To Dive Hasselt


Kuringersteenweg 436

3511 Hasselt


Tel: +32(0) 11/74.06.02

E-mail: info@timetodive.be

Time To Dive Leuven


Aarschotsesteenweg 62

3000 Leuven


Tel: +32(0) 16/ 41.39.25

E-mail: info@timetodive.be

Time To Dive Halen


Tel: +32(0)477 / 35.83.02

E-mail: info@timetodive.be




Did you start diving recently? You don't have your own dive gear yet?


Make your reservation to rent dive equipment. We provide complete dive sets and of course all dive equipment separately too !.


Do you need air for diving? We fill dive tanks to 200 bar or 300 bar.


We can also provide you with Nitrox. We blend nitrox up to 100% O2.


Do you want to dive with perfectly maintained dive equipment?


Bring your equipment to one of our shops for its yearly maintenance.

Safe diving = guaranteed.


Do you need air for pcp shooting? We have tanks available (300 bar) and we fill your tank.


In our shops we also have all kind of connections and filling stations.



We are also active on facebook and twitter. Do you want to stay up-to-date, like our page and stay tuned on all activities. Share your thoughts about diving on our facebook page!


We have our own channel on YouTube. Here you can find several movies about our activities, travelling, etc. Do you want to have a look, surf to YouTube "TTDVIDEO", maybe you will see yourself in one of our movies!


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