Dive activity

Boatdiving Zeeland


Each summer during the months of June to September we go out with our big RIB (rigid inflatable boat).


We dive in the Oosterschelde (or Grevelingen) in Zeeland and perform 2-3 dives a day.

Boat diving has the big advantage that you don't have to climb the stony dikes with the heavy dive tanks on your back.


You just jump from the boat in the cool water, without having to walk for kilometers in the sun. Forget about crowded dive locations. With the boat we dive on locations difficult to reach via the shore.


Check our agenda for the exact dates.

Indoor dive trips


During winter- as well as summer time we organise dive trips to indoor locations. These are the "purpose built pools", so only accessible for divers.


These indoor locations are excellent for fun dives in nice clear and warm water. But of course, you can also do training dives for your course there.


If you don't like cold water with limited visibility, then this is the solution to dive regularly and remain a trained diver in between 2 holidays.


Check our agenda for the next indoor dive trip.



Outdoor dive trips


Outdoor dive trips is another kind of activity you can join. We drive to a certain dive location by car - a lake or quarry - and we do some dives.

Be aware that the water at this kind of locations is rather cold, so be prepared and bring a warm suit. (rental suits are available).


On these trips you can do some fun dives but we also plan training dives. In this case you will be accompanied by one of our instructors.


Some of the locations we will discover under water: Dongelberg, Zilvermeer, Sprimont, La Gombe, .....


Check our agenda for the next dive trip

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