Freedive courses & snorkeling




Did you plan a holiday but you never snorkeled before?


Are you going to a nice holiday destination and everbody keeps telling you you really have to snorkel?

You have no idea how to start snorkeling? Fullface snorkelmask or the combination traditional mask/snorkel?


We teach snorkeling at your level, beginner or already advanced.


Beginner: Each session takes 2 hours. We evaluate the progress each session in function of your self-confidence and your water skills.

We explain everything about snorkelmaterial and you can test all this in the pool during the session.


Advanced level: we will teach you more advanced techniques, with your own material and we'll make sure to have a bit more exciting challenges in snorkeling.


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Discover a complete new experience underwater!


Are you a scuba diver? Once, you want to try freediving?


On regular basis we organize freedive specials for beginners in a pool up to 10m.

We give you an idea what it is to dive without scuba tanks on your back. Only use a mask, snorkel, fins and a weightbelt for neutral buoyancy and try to dive as deep as you get.


You can experience the use of mono-fins and we can even provide underwater scooters.


Surprise yourself and dive deeper than you expect.


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Experience the ultimate freedom underwater!


Are you impressed by the freedivers diving to unknown depths?

Push your limits and try it yourself.


We start with a try dive in static and/or dynamic freediving.

We teach special breathing excercises so you can push your limits in depth and in time that you can stay underwater.


The first 3 sessions we use our private pool, after that we go to an indoor dive location with a dept up to 20 m


After this first course you can decide which discipline suits you the best.


Interested? Send us an email: TIME TO DIVE Hasselt / Leuven / Halen