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Push your limits!


Time To Dive offers a wide range of specialty dive courses going beyond the knowledge of the basic dive course.



Different subjects are being covered such as, diving with fullface mask, underwater photography, videography, search & recovery, drift divings, enriched air nitrox, wreckdiving, DPV diving .....


Everything is possible underwater.


Choose your favorite subject and we will teach you everything!

Deep Diving

Push your limits!


Do you dream of diving to a special wreck but it is too deep for your qualification?

Take this course and dive into your dream.


We teach you special dive techniques for deep waters (18 to 40 meters), you learn which equipment is suitable for deep dives. You perform 4 deep dives. At the end of the course you are able to plan your deep dives.


€ 195, -

Underwater photography

Swim like a fish in the water.


The ultimate goal of a diver is floating in the water with a perfect buoyancy. This means that you float without going up and down in the water.


During the course you learn to control your buoyancy by playing funny underwater games and excercises.

Once you have the perfect buoyancy, your airconsumption will go down so you can stay longer on your dive!

€ 195, -

incl 1 indoorduik


Dive into another world !


A night dive is special experience, completely different than at day time.

You'll discover new underwater life

We teach you the night dive procedures, techniques and communication. What are the potential risks and how do I get in the water? These questions will be answered during the course.


€ 165, -

Enlarge your bottom time.


Diving EANx means more time under water and you are diving in a safer way than diving with normal air.


You need to be a qualified Nitrox diver in order to be allowed diving with enriched air nitrox.


We will teach you how it is possible that you can dive longer with EANx. You will learn all advantages and some disadvantages of nitrox, how it is made and which are the limitations of nitrox.


At the end of the course you will be able to measure the gas in your tank and you can calculate the maximum operational depth of the gas.



Enjoy diving...also in winter time!


Comfortably warm in cold water and a must on very long (technical dives), a dry suit is really necessary while diving cold waters.


Fitting a dry suit for the first time requires some guidance and help. The suit will enable you to dive in a comfortable way in cold water, but it needs to fit perfectly....and on top of that you need to learn diving it.


We will teach you dry suit techniques, how to stay dry and control your buoyancy.

What is the advantage to use Argon and how can you keep your dry suit in top condition after 100 dives?


You can take this course with your own drysuit or use a rental suit.

Enriched Air Nitrox

Drysuit Diving

Action cam specialty

Are you happy with your footage?


Do you have an action cam? Do you use your footage?


Action cams are great things, you can carry them anywhere. But what happens with your footage? Do you keep them on your hard disk for years because you don't know how to make a movie?


We teach you to work with your action cam and improve your footage. What are the do's and don'ts in filming?


Bring your own footage and we give tips and advice on editing your movie.



€ 195, -

€ 155, -

€ 125, -

DPV (scooter) Diving

Do you love speed ?


Than you should take this DPV specialty. Experience the difference of diving a DPV!


Diving a DPV enables you to dive a bigger distance than usual. While using the scooter as transportation aid you save air and you have the possibility to dive for a longer period.


What to wait for?

Feel the need for speed!


Test your agility !

€ 165, -

incl 1 indoor duik


Help.... I am lost !


Underwater a GPS is not working, so we need to be able to orientate while diving. The compass is our buddy in underwater navigation.


You will be taught how a compass works and you get practice. First we teach how to use it on land, only when you control this, we will practice it underwater.


We also explain how to use the natural environment to find your way back on a dive. If you use this in combination with your compass skills you will never get lost

€ 125,-

Fullface mask

Under water communication?

Hand signals are not allways sufficient! With a full face mask you have more possibilities to communicate.

And what do you think of a very wide view, no more cold water in your face, no more painfull cold sinusses, no more water in your mask, etc.


We will teach you everthing about the full face mask. We'll teach you rescue techniques, bail out techniques and how to change the mask underwater.

We will show how to maintain the mask and keep it in good shape.


This specialty gives you the experience of diving a different dimension!


€ 125,-

Bouyancy control

Swim like a fish in the water.


What is perfect buoyancy?  

The ultimate goal of a diver is floating in the water with a perfect buoyancy.


If you control your buoyancy in a perfect way, you will consume less air and you dive in a more comfortable way.


We teach you to control your buoyancy by playing funny under water games and excercises. In this way you learn how to trim perfectly comfortable dive.

€ 125, -

Fauna & Flora

Recognize much more fish than only "Nemo".


And, what did you see under water?

Euh...a grey fish and ....another grey fish with black....


In this course you learn about the different families of underwater animals and how to recognize them.

Now you know who you see underwater, where they live and what kind of behaviour you might encounter.

€ 125,-

Search & recovery

Oh no....that was my weight pocket!

Did it ever happen to you or your buddy?


Every diver looses some parts of the equipment under water.

This specialty teaches you how to recover lost objects and get them to the surface again.


We teach you the best way to find a lost object on a specific location (compass / natural navigation).

You will use a lift bagto get to get heavy objects back on the surface.


€ 195,-

incl 1 indoorduik


Dive into history.


Wreckdiving is a view on the history of a boat. Or you can enjoy the rich underwaterlife, situated on and around a wreck. Big schools of fish are at home around this artificial reef.

Or are you attracted by the mysterious? Maybe you will find a treasure??


You will learn techniques to explore wrecks and avoid dangerous situations.

We teach you what kind of equipment you'll need for wreckdiving.

Some wrecks can be penetrated, you will learn which techniques and equipment you'll need.


You will do 4 wreckdives under guidance of your instructor and get expierence in planning and organisation.


Level I: € 195,- (incl day boatdiving Zeeland)


Level II: € 345,- (incl 2 day boatdiving)


Level III: € 450,- (incl day North sea diving)

Drift diving

Go with the flow ...


Drift diving means very easy diving, you take advantage of the current and you will fly over the corals without doing anything.


We teach you how to use currents and don't try to beat the current during your dives.

You will learn how to recognize currents while observing the water surface?


Enjoy currents by "going with the flow", don't lose your buddy and be sure the boat will be there to pick you up at the end of the dive.


Drift dives are very special, because the biggest chance to see really big fish is during drift dives. Sharks love currents and we love sharks!


€ 225,- (incl 1 boatdive in Zeeland)

Boat diving

Dophines at port side!

Help ... where?


At many holiday destinations, diving is organised with boats. During this specialty you'll learn everything about boat diving.


We teach you the general rules on the different kind of boats. Where to put your dive equipment, different methods to go into the water. And you'll learn all specific "boat terminology".


Next time on a boat you will be prepared!


Do you dream about boating?

Book your course "vaarbrevet" (theory and partical excercises). Take both courses for only € 550,-



€ 115,-


Specialty together with course "vaarbewijs":

€ 550,-


Enjoy your own memories at home on your TV screen and show your family why you love diving


Nothing is more special than making a video of your dives on that special location. Enjoy this film during the cold winters and dream about your next holiday.


We teach you to optimize the quality of your own footage. Learn to take the image in the correct way.

What are the different types of camera? How to work with the light? How to film underwater?


We guide you in making your own footage while diving and making the end result....a real underwater film!


€ 195,-

(incl 1 indoorduik)

Multilevel specialty

Get the maximum bottom time.


In this specialty we teach you how to use your dive computer in the most optimal way. So you can get the maximum out of all your dives.


This is de base for decompression dives. This specialty learns you to maximize your dive plan, dive profile and if combined with the Nitrox specialty to get advantage of extra long bottom time.

Very long dives at different dephts. What do you want more?


€ 195,-

(incl 1 duik in Nemo)

Equipment specialty

One can learn a lot during the equipment specialty. We show you the new equipment on the market and teach about the evolution in equipment in diving.


We explain each function of your dive equipment and how to perform basic reparations / maintenance.

With this knowledge you might save a dive without driving home and not being wet.


We explain the normal procedures of maintenance for your dive equipment. Well maintained equipment lasts longer and it is safer diving with it.

€ 125,-

Altitude diving

In Austria a lot of dive spots are situated in mountain lakes.


Starting from 300m above sealevel, diving is called altitude diving. For this kind of diving, a special course needs to be taken. If you dive on altitude, the surface pressure is reduced in comparison with the pressure at sealevel. This implies that you dive with different kind of tabels / computersettings than if you dive in the sea.


In this specialty you learn the skills to dive safely in this kind of situations.


You'll learn how to set your dive computer correctly for a dive on altitude and which kind of equipment is suited for this dive.



Do you want more information about this course, please send us an email info@timetodive.be. This is a course which is not possible to teach in Belgium.


Are you attracted by adventure or the unusual, challenging dives? You should try ice diving!


During the course you'll dive with your instructor in one of the most extreme specialties


Discover this unique environment under a hard ceiling of ice.

No you cannot do this in the Red Sea or Indian Ocean.


You might get the chance to play with your airbubbles under the ice or walking upside down on the ice.


For this course you will do 3 ice dives. They will be done in a group, as you need supporting persons on top of the ice, line handlers, safety divers and your instructor.

We teach you to trim your BCD under the ice, navigate under the ice while you stay in contact with the line handlers.

€ 195,-

(incl droogpak)

Cave diving

Push your limits.


Does cave diving intrigues you?

Did you always dream of discovering the special ambiance in the cenotes?


Maybe you should try cave diving.

Take the first level cave diving course and join us for cave diving. You start at the beginning by learning the special fin techniques, what kind of materials do you need, how to plan a cave dive and where to do it.


Please send us an email for more specific information about this specialty course.



info@timetodive.be TIME TO DIVE Hasselt / Leuven / Halen www.TIMETODIVE.be

info@timetodive.be TIME TO DIVE Hasselt / Leuven / Halen www.TIMETODIVE.be